Alex Kirmse Principal at the DSK

Dear school community, dear colleagues, dear parents and learners


As term 3 of 2021 draws to a close, I would like to provide you with the latest news from the DSK.


While the third Covid wave peaked in the Western Cape at the beginning of term 3 and some learners and staff members of the DSK unfortunately also fell ill, we have nevertheless succeeded through a renewed great effort to ensure that day-to-day teaching as well as any other additional offers at the school continued smoothly.
For this I would like to express my sincere thanks to all teachers and staff members.


I am also happy to report that the written Abitur exams in the “Kombizweig”, the DSD I and DSD II exams, as well as the Grade 12 NSC Prelims were conducted on schedule and without any disruptions. We are now looking forward to the results!


Daily school life at the DSK was able to offer more variety and highlights once again like SELO concerts, art exhibitions in the foyer, joint grade or class events, field trips and numerous other activities – always respecting the important Covid related health measures. We all hope and believe that with increasing vaccination numbers, even more “normality” can return to our daily lives and the restrictions can be responsibly reduced. As part of our Heritage Day activities, we were able to admire many learners in their traditional outfits on Tuesday.


We also made important progress in the area of diversity and inclusion in term 3. I would like to thank the members of our school community for their feedback on our draft guidelines, which will subsequently be finalized after further revision and with the support of external consultants in the next term. The selection of our new team of consultants is also well underway, with further training measures already planned for the 4th term.


As an outlook for the upcoming term, I would like mention the oral Abitur exams from October 11-16 and the final NSC exams that will follow. I wish our Grade 12 all the best with their preparations in the coming weeks, strong nerves and much success.
Grade 11 will go on their annual hike in the Cederberg Mountains during the first week of school.


At the beginning of term 4, we ask all learners to come to school in the correct school uniform. Please use the coming weeks to replace one or two missing or no longer suitable items of clothing. The school’s dress code can be found on our website.


May you all find a little rest in the next two weeks and may you be able to gather new strength for the final stretch of the year. I look forward to seeing you again in good health in term 4.


With warm greetings,


Alexander P. Kirmse,
DSK Headmaster