Middle School

Our Middle School comprises of Grade 5 – 9 learners.
If you have any class/subject related questions, please contact the respective class or subject teacher directly.

All important and general information about the DSK can be found in the handbooks below:

Handbook for new parents (Grade 2 – 12)

Download parent evening presentations:

Grade 5 Language Choice

For more information regarding the Grade 5 language choice, please contact michaelwalmroth@dsk.co.za

Grade 7 Language and Subject Choice

For more information regarding the Grade 7 language and subject choice, please contact michaelwalmroth@dsk.co.za

Important contacts

For any questions concerning the German or English Stream, please contact the respective people below.

Head of Middle School 

Silke Engberts, silkeengberts@dsk.co.za | 021 480 3835

Head of English Stream

Kathrin Steinmeyer, kathrinsteinmeyer@dsk.co.za | 021 480 3835 and

Reedwaan Pandit, reedwaanpandit@dsk.co.za | 021 480 3835 

Coordinator Sek 1 

Michael Walmroth, michaelwalmroth@dsk.co.za | 021 480 3835