Career Guidance

International Universities that accept an NSC

Career Counselling / Guidance

The school has career counsellors available for learners who have questions or require more information on future studies in Germany and/or South Africa. The session normally includes aptitude tests, personality tests, giving guidance on subject choices, job shadowing, and bursary/scholarship info as well as providing information regarding tertiary studies.

Visit our career counsellors’ website to access information on some of the questions you might have if you are interested in pursuing studies in South Africa.

To make an appointment with the school career guidance counsellor

  • Counsellor for studies in Germany
    Daniela Schleusener
  • Counsellor for studies in South Africa
    C. Pilkington

Career Indaba

Every second year, the DSK organises a Career Indaba to showcase a broad range of career options.


There are workshops, talks and one-on-one consultations with professional parents and alumni who make themselves available for questions regarding their line of work.  35 – 50 tertiary institutions present and offer information on further studies and career options. The Indaba is compulsory for all Grade 9 – 12 learners.

University visits

High School learners visit both the university of Stellenbosch and Cape Town every second year (alternating with the Career Indaba). In addition to discussing admission requirements and admission procedures during the visit, the learners often get the opportunity to sit in on lectures and gain a first impression of university life.

Study trips to Germany

Every year in June a group of High School learners (Grade 10 – 12) travels to Germany on a study trip. The contact person for the German vocational guidance is Daniela Schleusener

At the DSK, in addition to general career advice, we offer special advice for schoolchildren who want to go to Germany after school or are planning their further careers in South Africa. This offer is limited to students of the DSK and is free of charge, apart from the costs incurred for specific offers such as the study trip to Germany.

General study and career guidance

Once a week, a teacher trained in study and career counselling offers an office hour for interested students. In these consultation hours, aptitude and personality tests can be carried out and information about the choice of subjects, job shadowing, the award of scholarships and information about studying in Germany or South Africa is given. For these consultations, the students book appointments directly with the responsible study and career advisors.

Information events on the subject of “Training and Studying in Germany” take place regularly as part of the year-specific parents’ evenings.

Theme day – job

The 8th grade students will have the opportunity to gain an insight into various professional fields.

Workshop on study and career choices

At the beginning of the 10th school year, the pupils take part in a compulsory workshop on study and career choices, in which with the help of specially selected test procedures interests and inclinations are determined and hopefully initial insights into possible options are gained.

Job Expo

Every second year the DSK organizes a job expo, at which around 20-30 different occupational fields are presented. Parents and alumni are available to present their work and answer questions in person. At the same time, up to 50 private training institutions and universities are represented with an information stand. Participation in this expo is compulsory for all students in grades 9–12.

Job shadowing

Grade 10 students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in a field of their choice for one week. The experiences in Life Orientation are then evaluated.

Social internship

In grade 9, the DSK students will have the opportunity to gain experience in a social or non-profit institution. You will receive a certificate of attendance for this social internship.

University visits

The 11th grade usually visits the University of Stellenbosch and the UCT as part of the career guidance for the subject Life Orientation. In addition to important information about registration conditions and processes, our students often will have the opportunity to take part in a lecture and get a first glimpse into everyday university life.

Study trip to Germany

Every year in June a group of Grade 11 learners goes to Germany on a study trip to visit German universities and colleges. The study trip is voluntary and the costs are covered by the participants themselves.


Mentor- System

The step from school to university is full of new challenges. Therefore, questions about accommodation, life on campus or the choice of subjects are also welcome to former DSK students who serve as mentors / sponsors for our high school students.

Alumni network

The DSK has an online alumni network and an alumni Facebook page, which former students can use to network and stay in contact with the school. We often point out how important it is to use these contacts. It is always important to the school to include our alumni in our career counseling network.

Contact persons are:

  • for German study and career counselling: D. Schleusener.
  • for South African career guidance: C. Pilkington

Virtual expos and open days

Tertiary institutions regularly email/share information on their virtual expos, open days, webinars and workshops with us.


For more information, use this online document to see what has been shared with DSK. Please return to this link regularly, as it gets updated often.


If anything interests you, we encourage you to attend these events.

Job shadowing dates/ info

Grade 8: One day job shadowing



Grade 9: Social job shadowing project



Grade 10: Job shadowing or community service
All Grade 10 learners have the opportunity to get a week’s practical experience in a career field of their choice or choose to do a set number of hours as community service. It is then followed by a formal assignment regarding their experience in their Life Orientation lessons.



Grade 12: Community service is a prerequisite for the Grade 12 LO Portfolio, Job shadowing is not.