e-Lunch and Cafeteria

The DSK has a cafeteria and tuckshop. Our eLunch system allows parents to load money onto the learners’ “Student ID cards” in order to purchase food/refreshments at the cafeteria or tuckshop. Going forward, the cafeteria and tuckshop will remain cashless and to speed up service, a strict policy of “No Card, No Sales” has been introduced. 

What is eLunch and how does it work?
Upload money onto eLunch card

Linga Longa Cafeteria

Opening times:
Monday to Thursday: 07:00h – 16:15h
Friday: 07:00h – 13:15h
Hot lunch is served Monday to Thursday:
Grade 1 – 4: 12:10h – 12:55h (Aftercare/NAB)
Grade 5 – 12:  12:55h – 13:40h

Early Bird Specials

Hot Lunch Menu
Hot Lunch Menu Vegetarian

Soups of the Week

The Salad Bar
Monday – Thursday: 08:00h – 14:30h
Side plate salad: R 20.00
Side salad as a takeaway: R 25.00 (500 ml)
Main plate salad: R 36.00
Salad Bar Menu
Hot Lunch prices (includes the salad bar and dessert)
Lunch (Aftercare/NAB): R 32.00
Lunch (eLunch): R 48.00
Eco take-away container(s): R 7.00 surcharge (price includes compostable cutlery)*
*To facilitate social distancing, Eco take-away containers and cutlery will not be charged for until further notice.
Snack Counter at Linga Longa
A variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway meals are available.


Opening times
Monday – Thursday: 08:30h – 13:45h and 14:25h – 15:00h
Friday: 08:30h – 13:10h

A variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway meals are available. Grade 1 learners may not use the tuckshop.
Tuckshop menu