Our beautiful library is well stocked with current literature in German, English, IsiXhosa, Afrikaans and French. The library also offers computers, laptops and printing facilities for learners and teachers.

Please note:

  • A valid student card must be presented at all times when taking out books
  • Loans are for a period of 2-weeks, it is important that the books are returned on time.

Book recommendations are welcome, so please feel free to contact our Librarian.


Opening hours
Monday and Tuesday: 07:30h – 15:50h
Wednesday and Thursday: 07:00h – 15:50h
Friday: 07:00h – 13:15h

Library during COVID-19

  • Access to the library is not possible as the cross-contamination of the books by browsing is a real concern for the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, the librarians will be the only ones touching anything in the library and we will follow strict sanitising protocol.
  • The library database can be accessed via Active Connect on In this way, you can browse the library online. You can enter a search using the author’s surname, the book title or by subject.
  • If you would like to take out a book please email your request to before 09:00h and we will place the book in the lockers outside of the library entrance after 11:00h on the same day. In this email preferably provide as much information on the books required i.e. Title and author’s surname. We will send you a confirmation email to say that the book is being dispatched.
  • Important: Please note that this email serves as a confirmation of loan and from this point on you are responsible for the media items.
  • Loans are limited to 3 books at a time and all previously loaned books must be returned before new books can be loaned.
  • Returns can also be done during this time. A basket will be placed outside the front door of the library and any returns can be placed in it. Please do not touch any of the books in these baskets or the baskets themselves to avoid contaminating yourself and others. These baskets will be stored for 7 days before the books are scanned back, cleaned and reshelved.

Textbook order

Orders for textbooks can only be done online with the Western Cape School Suppliers

School Textbook Guidelines

The following books provided by the school for 2022 can be viewed below:

Grade 1 – 4
Grade 5 – 9
Grade 10 – 12


Head of Library

Sigi Weiss

021 480 3849