Welcome to the

DSK Parent Info Portal 

Welcome to the

DSK Parent Info Portal

Here you will find information relevant for DSK parents and learners such as guidelines, documents, enrolment forms and general information about school life – all in one place.


You can access this Parent Info Portal as follows:

  1. Skooler: Link under “Resources” or
  2. DSK website: Menu option and/or button on the top right corner “DSK Parent Info Portal”

Please note that all parent relevant content was removed from the DSK website (www.dsk.co.za) and incorporated in this portal.


DSK News

The school moved its entire communication to the platform Skooler with the aim to streamline information between all members of the school.

Please note, not all functions will be up and running at the start of the new school year but will be phased in. Skooler replaced the communication via D6.


If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact our IT Department:

Email: helpdesk@dsk.co.za

WhatsApp only: 061 804 3830

Online community

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