DSK Ubuntu Talent Fund

Applicant information

The DSK Ubuntu Talent Fund was created by the school to support learners from low-income backgrounds.
It is our aim to give more children the opportunity to follow their passion, and support them in their pursuit of interests (they otherwise could not afford).


The Ubuntu Talent bursary programme kicked-off in the school year of 2020. Space is limited and so are the funds – therefore, the more funds we collect each year, the more children will benefit from it!

Follow link below for more info on how to apply for this bursary

DSK Ubuntu Talent Fund Programme

Become a sponsor/donate

If you are interested in financially supporting this good cause, please read through the various development programmes and donation options in the Info flyer below.

There are two options/methods which you can donate

Option 1

Make your contribution by donating safely online. Please visit our Quicket webpage where you can make an online payment/ contribution.

Option 2

Alternatively, downloads and complete the info form and send it to ubuntu@dsk.co.za or drop it ­off at reception.

Head of Finance and Administration (Bursar)


Head of Finance and Administration (Bursar)
Niel Jacobs


021 480 3840