In the picture: Family Danner – Mom Petra, dad Franz und Sohn Paul (4a);  Family Gerntholtz – Mom Heike, with sons Daniel (6a) and Lucas (5a) as well as foster daughter Taylor Rimmel (11c)


Just before the winter holidays, K.I.D.S. organised a can collection for Ladles of Love. This Cape Town based non-profit organization is dedicated to providing food to people in need.


In just over one week, the DSK community collected over 600 cans for Ladles of Love. That may sound like a small number – but looking at the bigger picture, the campaign was a huge success: on 29 August, Ladles of Love challenged the previous Guinness Book record for the longest food can chain (44,966 cans in a length of 3.28km in Quebec).


With 90,450 cans placed side by side, a chain in total length of 6.7km was achieved in the V&A Waterfront. And with that, the DSK community was officially involved in a new Guinness Book record, set by Ladles of Love.


Many thanks to all who participated and congratulations to Ladles of Love!