A Birthday on Spring Day


The Tygerberg School celebrated Spring Day by congratulating Frau Hahne to her birthday on 1 September. The children made cards and wrote stories, played their instruments and afterwards we enjoyed a delicious cake baked by the teacher. Due to current Covid-19 regulations, we could unfortunately not organise our usual Spring Day with picnic, parents and friends. But the sun was shining, and we had much fun together nonetheless!
How to build a village


This is a village the children of Grade 1d and 2d built last term during religion class. It is difficult to imagine what life was like in those times. Building a model is helpful. Every child built a house. The lake, wall and other extras was a team effort!
Spotted Eagle Owls!


The Tygerberg campus had the privilege of regular visits by a Spotted Eagle Owl. On one occasion, a few aggressive crows started to attack the big roosting bird in the eucalyptus tree. This was a perfect opportunity for pausing the Grade 4d’s German lesson in order to chase away the nasty birds.