Alex Falcon (12C) was called to sail the mid-August Lipton Challenge Cup regatta on a Cape 31 yacht, Orion, Hong Kong owned. Alex Falcon had gained experience on the Cape 31s during the last two seasons and had established his reputation as a competent and reliable bowman as part of another team, “Magic” currently competing in the UK.


The bowman is the person that manages the forward part of the boat; he/she is in charge of sail changes and manouvres on the foredeck. He/she also assists the helmsman in positioning the yacht on the start line and on the course by relaying information not directly visible from the aft end of the boat. It is a physically demanding role that requires a fair amount of agility and a s deep knowledge of sailing techniques and rules.


It was an intense series of long races, held in Langebaan for an entire week and testing the endurance of sailors. The first three boats constantly competed for overall victory, never more than 2 points apart. It all came down to the last race, where any of the 3 leading boats could have secured overall victory. In the end, literally in the last 50 metres of the last leg of a 12 miles long race, it was Orion that secured ownership for this year, of the prestigious golden trophy.


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This article was kindly supplied by the Lipton Challenge Cup.