Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Financial Assistance

The school offers a school and bus fee rebate to parents who cannot afford the fees.

The rebate is granted based on the academic performance of the learner and the financial situation of the family. The rebate is re-evaluated every year and can be extended until graduation. 


Scholarships (25% discount on tuition fees) are awarded at the end of each year for the following school year to learners in Grade 6 – 11 for:

  • Outstanding academic achievement (the top four learners with above 90% overall average)
  • Outstanding overall performance (a total of four scholarships available)
  • Outstanding performance in music, arts or sport (a total of four scholarships available)

Candidates are nominated by their respective class teachers, who give a brief motivation, at the reports conference.

Since 2017, learners who feel they are eligible for one of the scholarships may apply via their class teacher.

Apply for the DSK Ubuntu Talent Fund

Launched in 2020, the DSK Ubuntu Talent Fund is a great initiative to give children from low-income families the opportunity to follow and nurture their talents.

If you are interested in applying for your child(ren)/ a learner/ yourself to benefit from this fund, go to the application page.

Become a DSK Ubuntu Talent Fund Sponsor

How can you contribute towards the fund? Take a look at our info flyer for more information.