On Enrolment Day on 4 September 2021, we welcomed our new learners and parents of the 2022 Grade 5 English Stream.


The visiting families split up and the learners got to meet their peers and were taken on a tour. At the same time, their parents attended a presentation given by the joint Heads of the English Stream (grades 5-9, Middle School) Reedwaan Pandit and Kathin Steinmeyer.


Whilst some were understandably a bit anxious, most of the children were excited and the parents happy to start this new chapter in their lives. We welcome you to our school in January 2022 and hope that you’ll be feeling at home in no time!


The English Stream – a Unique Opportunity at the DSK


In Grade 5 English-speaking children, with no prior knowledge of the German language, have the opportunity to join the DSK. Teaching, learning and tests for these learners will be largely done in English. Extensive DaF (German as a Foreign Language) classes are integrated into their timetables.


The English stream learners graduate with the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) and a German language diploma (DSD II).