Heartfelt congratulations to our 56 graduates who accumulated a total of 180 distinctions! Once again, the DSK boasts excellent results despite last year’s difficult circumstances.


Several of our learners excelled with outstanding academic results receiving the German International Abitur or IEB-NSC.


Please put your hands together for our 5 Top Achievers of the Abitur Stream as well as the 5 Top Achievers of the IEB-NSC Stream. This year, four learners of the German Abitur Stream achieved the top score of ø 1.0 which is the highest possible mark – WOW, that’s incredible!


Top Achievers of the German Stream receiving the Abitur


Our top five learners are Josua Wenzel, Robin Zimmer, Anna Backeberg and Mica Bloch von Blottnitz, who all achieved the dream mark of ø 1.0 and Lara Novak (ø 1,1).
Out of 32 Abitur candidates, 10 learners achieved an average of 1,5 and better, including: Anna-Lina Heckscher (ø 1,3), Helen Beckers (ø 1,4), Inken Holm (ø 1,4), Ren de Fleuriot (ø 1,5) and Elsa Krause (ø 1,5)


Top Achievers of the English Stream receiving the IEB


Out of 24 IEB learners, the following five learners achieved the highest combined subject average: Ilia Woermann, Michaela-Mackenzie Clarke, Carlos Diebold, Zandile Zothe and Hannah Subjee


The following IEB learners have achieved multiple subject distinctions: Ilia Woermann (6), Michaela-Mackenzie Clarke (5), Minna Salie (4), Joshua Fouché (3), Carlos Diebold (3) and Sade Tizora (3)


Special congratulations, we are very proud of you all!